Nabakooza Florence – Sponsored

is a 14-year-old girl who hopes to be a journalist

Florence lost her dad and her mom is disabled and unable to care for her so she lives with her elderly aunt, nephew and cousin/sister. The four of them live in a single rented room in Kassanda town, which means they have no land for cultivation, which is how most Ugandans feed themselves. Her aunt has no steady job that can earn much money, but she weaves mats from papyrus reeds which she sells in the weekly market. The challenge is that the demand for her wares is low, so the family lives in abject poverty and some days they don’t even get to eat. Although her aunt tries hard to meet the school requirements for Florence, her many responsibilities and minimum resources prevent the consistency that Florence needs to be successful. Your donation can help her fulfill her dream of becoming a journalist in her country.