Meet the Teachers of Kassanda Seed School

We have amazing teachers. It costs $150 USD or $200 CAD to support a teacher for the month which includes wages and rent. Can you donate to help them?

Ddanze Bonefansio

Bonefansio is married with four children. He has a diploma Level GV/2014 and has been teaching for sixteen years. The classes of most interest to him are P.4, P.5, P.6, and P.7… Read More

Kabahweza Margie

Margie is married with two kids. She was a student at Namutamba Teachers College and has been teaching for two years. She teaches from Nursery to Primary 2. Her favorite subjects are… Read More

Nabuuma Sharon

Sharon is married and a mother of five children. She was a student teacher at St Andrew ECA Teachers College in Mukono. She has been teaching for four years. At KSS, she… Read More

Namatovu Roydah (Grace)

Grace is single and a Grade III Level teacher who has been teaching for 8 years. She teaches the Top Nursery class (equivalent to North American Pre-school), Primary 1 and Primary 2… Read More

Namusis Beatrice

Nansubuga Janepher (Viola)

Viola is a single mom with three children and is a Grade III Level teacher. She has been teaching since 2011. The classes of her best interest are P.1, P.2 and P.3… Read More

Nyambubi Sylvia

Sylvia is single. She has a certificate as Grade III Level teacher, and has been teaching for two years. She teaches P.2 and P.3 and her favorite subjects are Mathematics and English…. Read More

Nyiramunenero Annociatta

Annociatta has one child and has a Certificate in Accounting. She has been teaching since 2018. She is qualified to teach from Nursery to Primary 2 classes. Her favourite subject to teach… Read More

Ssemujju Nelson

Nelson is married to a lovely woman with whom he had one biological child. He takes care of at least four other children who are considered orphans or are displaced. His highest… Read More

SSenyonga Suubi Esther

Esther is single. She was a beneficiary of our Get Schooled project and thereby was able to earn a certificate in Fashion and Designing. This is her first year of teaching and… Read More