Half day

Today’s ride was for Josua. The Kipling Lodge (where we slept last night) and its staff were so lovely that we decided to stay through lunchtime and only have a 20 mile… Read More

Seeing the Nile

I realized I have forgotten to say who we are riding for each day. Day one was for Ssenyonga Jane, the one who has been in and out of the hospital in… Read More

Day two in the books

Well, I started sweating at 7:30 when we woke up to start packing and didn’t stop until about 8 pm after I had made us some dinner using our alcohol stove…thankfully using… Read More

Day one complete!

Well, I didn’t sleep last night….At all. My mind kept switching between English and Luganda and I was thinking of all of the things I forgot to put in a place where… Read More

And we’re off!

Wow. Africa has already kicked my butt and we haven’t even left yet. Between canceled flights, lost luggage, lack of food and electronics that needed to be replaced at the last minute,… Read More

Here Goes…

I actually Googled this phrase and this is what came up: I don’t know about ‘something brave’ but this is definitely something I have never done before. I have never left my job… Read More

Girl, Be Brave

These are my words for this year. Girl, Be Brave. I will repeat them over and over again to myself as I tackle both small things (like entering a room of strangers… Read More

Uganda Be Kidding Me!!

Chaos…yes, that’s the right word. Dusty, crowded, smoky, intriguing, beautiful chaos… I set foot in Uganda for the first time on foot in a frantic line-up at the Visa station. I had… Read More

Who are these 50 kids anyway?

I melted when the little ones reached up to hold my hand or crawled into my lap every time I sat down. These sweet children who, despite their poverty and suffering, went out… Read More