A Day of Rest????

Our good friend, Christy Nichol, from Kootenay Athletic Therapy (Nelson BC), gave us a financial gift to use at our discretion because she is committed to giving to people and places that… Read More

A Bunch of Sallies

Today’s enjoyable ride was for Nantaba Monica and Nabakioza Florence. Monica was our first student to get full sponsorship and the rest is history. We woke up a little earlier in order… Read More

Hakuna Matata

When I was little, my family went to Yellowstone National Park. I was excited to see Old Faithful and had made sure my camera had a new roll of film in it…. Read More

A Day of Contrasts

Today’s ride was for five of our youngest students who started either nursery school or preschool. Their names are Kaikara Hezed, Namugerwa Josephine, Lubega Stephen, Makumbi Elivis, and Kisakye Maureen. Today was… Read More

Not Much to Say Today

We took a rest day today and head to Kasese tomorrow. John wanted to clarify, thanks to his good friend, The Biologist, that sloths do not live in Africa. He did some… Read More

Everything Hurts

Today’s ride into Fort Portal was for Suubi Esther and Mukisa Stephen. These two stars are Pastor Vincent’s children who are getting an education in order to teach and inspire others to… Read More

Under Construction

Today’s hilly, overcast, 93-kilometre ride was for Nassanga Juliet and Kagenda Christopher. We started at 7:30 and every hill I saw before me, I looked at their little pictures to gather my… Read More

Rest and Randomness

We woke up to loud rolling thunder and pounding rain this morning and I can’t tell you how nice it was to smile, roll over and go back to sleep. We figured… Read More

Late start, but at least we started

Today’s 37-mile ride was for Mirembe Josephine (Joan) and Katama Wycliffe, two of the thirteen we got to meet before we left. Joan rushed in to meet us with a huge smile… Read More