Inquiring Minds Want To Know

We woke up to the familiar sound of waves crashing on the beach and I had to remind myself where I was. The sky was dark but the air was warm and… Read More

Don’t Sell Water to the White Lady

Today’s eighty-kilometre ride was for Nansubuga Brenda and Nankabirwa Vanessa. We are almost running out of kids to ride for so we must be nearing the end!! As we mentioned before, the… Read More

Bananas In My Spokes

Today’s 73 kilometre-ride into Masaka was for Kimujuni Gillian and Iga Simon Peter. It was all pavement with 3000 feet of climbing and the first ride I didn’t slather on the sunscreen… Read More

No Flats On the Flats

Today’s embarrassingly-short ride of 63 kilometres was for Nannyonga Catherine and Namagembe Jane. It seems the rest day yesterday did the trick and the relatively flat terrain certainly didn’t hurt. I only… Read More

Resting, Not Blogging

Hello everyone!! We will not be posting anything significant, funny, or insightful today. We just wanted you to know that we are ok and appreciate any of you still reading our blog… Read More

Snot and Tears

Today’s ride was for Talemwa Angel and Namweruka Violet and I needed their faces in my field of vision all day. It was pretty nondescript and we didn’t even take any photos… Read More

The Little Things

Today’s ride was for Namuga Agatha and Nagawa Aminah Scovia. I hope I get to meet as many of the kids as possible when this ride is finished but Aminah’s story is… Read More

Dirt In My Teeth

Today’s 100-kilometre ride, with 5200 feet of elevation gain, was for two beautiful twins, Babirye Nalwadda Juliet and Nakato Nasiwa Harriet who want to be a doctor and a nurse respectively. I… Read More

Heading North

I didn’t sleep very well last night because of the lack of exercise, I think. I guess these stairs just aren’t doing the job, although my legs do feel a little sore… Read More

Fireside Chats

Today’s treat was taking out a dugout canoe and paddling along the shore, watching birds and local fishermen doing their thing. This lake truly is beautiful with all the islands and the… Read More