Sandblasted Thoughts

Our last day of riding. Wow. I can hardly believe I’m saying that. It was for Namaganda Scovia and it was a short one – only 35 kilometres. John woke up with… Read More

It Takes a Village

What a night last night. We traded bedbugs for late-night revellers who partied just outside our window until 1 am. So we didn’t get much sleep for the second night in a… Read More

Running On Empty

Today’s 75-kilometre ride with 3000 feet of climbing was for Kyagulanyi David and Achan Miriam. Only one more kiddo to ride for on a 30-mile day on Friday. We are staying in… Read More

Crossing the Line

We apologize for not posting this yesterday, but we were in a more remote area and our wifi router wouldn’t grab a signal. Today’s 65-kilometre ride was for Naginda Sylvia and Kirumira… Read More

Back to School With a Smile

Today’s dusty but beautiful 75-kilometre ride was for Nanyonga Edith and Nanziri Viola. We have five kids left to ride for and then all fifty-four will have been represented. I hope you… Read More

Homestretch Starts Tomorrow

It wasn’t raining when we woke up and stayed sunny all day. We are hoping for the same tomorrow when we leave to head back to Masaka. We ride about 38 kilometers,… Read More

One Week To Go

After a good night’s sleep, we woke up to rolling thunder and sheets of rain again. We are always so thankful that the weather has cooperated with our rest days so well… Read More

Inquiring Minds Want To Know

We woke up to the familiar sound of waves crashing on the beach and I had to remind myself where I was. The sky was dark but the air was warm and… Read More

Don’t Sell Water to the White Lady

Today’s eighty-kilometre ride was for Nansubuga Brenda and Nankabirwa Vanessa. We are almost running out of kids to ride for so we must be nearing the end!! As we mentioned before, the… Read More

Bananas In My Spokes

Today’s 73 kilometre-ride into Masaka was for Kimujuni Gillian and Iga Simon Peter. It was all pavement with 3000 feet of climbing and the first ride I didn’t slather on the sunscreen… Read More